South Bay Sober Living: Your Road to Recovery
Sober living houses or sober living homes is a halfway house and seldom called sober living
environments are facilities often used by people pulling through from abusive substance that
serves as pro team environment between rehab and typical society. It is a place where people
take the path to sobriety to recover from certain addiction living with a supervised and sober
environment with structure and rules, etc. therapeutic meetings, chores, and mandatory
curfews. It centers much more on helping people, especially young people, go on their road
to recovery.
Is South Bay Sober Living right for you?
South Bay Sober Living firmly stands on the idea that aftercare should often if not always
affordable, safe and help individuals build a strong foundation in a city where recovery
prospers. South Sober Bay Living’s Men’s House located at the very heart of California,
accommodates adult men seeking to develop a strong threshold in sobriety. Providing…

A New Way to Look at SoCal Recovery

California in general, and SoCal specifically, often gets a bad wrap when it comes to sober living opportunities. Many people assume that because of the common celebrity, Hollywood lifestyle, it is virtually impossible to live a life of recovery in the area. While it is true that there are many people in California that choose to use drugs and/or alcohol, there is also a large and thriving population of individuals who don’t engage in any substance use at all. In fact, the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in the area actually lends itself well to attracting a growing number of people who are committed to living a sober, healthy, lifestyle. The road to recovery in Southern California is a path that is well traveled. Individuals looking to find both peer and professional support on their journey to sobriety will quickly find that the opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in SoCal are endless. As you begin thinking about where to pursue your recovery journey, consider plac…

California's History of Supporting Sobriety

California’s History of Supporting SobrietyCalifornia is one of the leading states in the nation and one of the leading locations in the world when it comes to innovative and abundant opportunities for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation opportunities. There are many world-renowned organizations that originated in California and continue to call the state home to this day. The state of California also continues to be among the top states in the nation when it comes to funding and support for continued research and development for addiction research and services.Early Drug Addiction Treatment HistoryIndividuals around the world have been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction for thousands of years. For much of this time, drug addicts were seen as weak-willed individuals with low levels of motivation and a generally selfish demeanor. Many people who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction were entirely disowned by their family and friends and never received the support they …

What Exactly is a Sober Living Environment?

The Benefits of a Sober Living Environment in Early Addiction Recovery: From San Diego to Los AngelesWhen recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, finding the most suitable support network is integral to a whole approach to healing; this means mentally, emotionally, and physically. The right addiction support group can ensure one can overcome the various barriers that come with addiction.Sober Living Environments: What Are They?In short, a sober living environment can be defined as a temporary home where several recovering addicts live together under a series of rules that will best prepare them for their journey into a sober life. This type of environment accentuates the vitality of a recovery community obtaining specific responsibilities, achievements, and routines, both as individuals and as a group, to make that transition to sobriety smoother.Long Beach Sober LivingsOften times, sober living environments contain various structures and curfews with the goal to reduce the chances…

Young and Sober in Los Angeles

Young and Sober in Los AngelesAs the number of young people who are getting sober is growing exponentially, Los Angeles is becoming one of if not the largest hub for young people in recovery. There are many challenges young people face when getting sober from adjusting daily living habits to separating themselves from the daily influences that were abundant in their use. For this a community of like-minded individuals can be a crucial aspect to their recovery. While not too long ago many young people struggled to find others who were embarking on the journey of recovery to surround themselves with. Sobriety is now sweeping the streets of Los Angeles and for this reason many young persons who are looking to take the first steps towards living sober are now flocking to Los Angeles.Why is LA so Attractive for Addiction RecoverySo what makes Los Angeles so attractive to this demographic? Well Los Angeles is a big city and home to many individuals from all walks of life and different backg…

Why a High Quality Sober Living is So Important for Your Son?

person who is not familiar with recovery can be hard to discern the difference between quality in treatment options, after all help is help right? Well that is not always the case as there are many different approaches to recovery and not all programs are made equal. So - what qualities differentiate between programs and why are these certain aspects important to the recovery process?Structure is one of the most essential components to a young person’s early sobriety and surprisingly or not, many sober livings lack structure - functioning more towards the side of a “check in, check out” housing facility that allow residents free rein to their day to day affairs. The truth of the matter is, routine and structure are vital to transitioning out of habits and patterns that are formed in active addiction. For this reason, sober living facilities that adhere to structured and routine schedules are typically much better equipped to help young men and women with successfully transitioning int…

The Necessity of Aftercare for Young Adults

Torrance Sober LivingOur Torrance Sober Living is located in the heart of Torrance, CA. The house is close by grocery stores, shopping malls, bus stations, schools, jobs, and AA and NA meetings.The Torrance house has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, 50" TV, and full kitchen.The South Bay Sober Living Torrance house is moderately structured. We provide drug testing, onsite management, and in house meetings.Recovery House StructureWe believe in teaching independent living to our residents. Our Torrance location holds weekly in house meetings, where we discuss the goals our residents have, and come up with plans to help achieve them. Residents are encouraged to work, and/or go to school, attend AA or NA meeting regularly, get a sponsor, work the 12 steps, and contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of their house, in order to establish themselves and grow as a sober individual.At the Torrance sober living house, as with all of our sober livings, we provide a safe, reco…