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A New Way to Look at SoCal Recovery

California in general, and SoCal specifically, often gets a bad wrap when it comes to sober living opportunities. Many people assume that because of the common celebrity, Hollywood lifestyle, it is virtually impossible to live a life of recovery in the area. While it is true that there are many people in California that choose to use drugs and/or alcohol, there is also a large and thriving population of individuals who don’t engage in any substance use at all. In fact, the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in the area actually lends itself well to attracting a growing number of people who are committed to living a sober, healthy, lifestyle. The road to recovery in Southern California is a path that is well traveled. Individuals looking to find both peer and professional support on their journey to sobriety will quickly find that the opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in SoCal are endless. As you begin thinking about where to pursue your recovery journey, consider plac…