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Best Places to Eat in Redondo Beach After an AA Meeting

One of the most important aspects of early recovery is fellowship. Once an addict gets sober, they often lose a majority of their social support system, individuals that are still engaging in drug or alcohol use. A social support system serves as a resource for advice and information, emotional support, companionship and feedback. These are all vital resources in early recovery. In order to develop healthy relationships in recovery, reaching out to others in AA meetings is recommended. This may be difficult for some, but an easy way to accomplish this is to engage in fellowship after an AA meeting.Whether you meet with someone one-on-one or in a group, use this as a guide to determine some of the best places to eat in Redondo after an AA meeting:Boy & the Bear: Boy & the Bear is a refreshing new coffee roaster in Redondo Beach. It is no secret that many members of Alcoholics Anonymous have a strong affinity for coffee. For the coffee connoisseur, this is your spot to meet afte…

Halfway House in the South Bay


Early recovery from drug or alcohol dependence is an extremely vulnerable time. During the first year of recovery, it is imperative that the individual feels supported and safe in order to ensure abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse. A safe and supportive environment provides the best opportunity for an individual to achieve long-term success in recovery. Unhealthy living environments can have detrimental effects on those in early recovery. Research has found that unstable living environments can lead to devastating consequences for those in early recovery.  Halfway homes, also referred to as sober living homes, can provide the necessary support, understanding and safety that is vital in the early stages of recovery. If you are looking for a halfway house in the South Bay for yourself or a loved one, use this page a guide in order to develop a better understanding of what to look for in a halfway home and what to expect.

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