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Young and Sober in Los Angeles

Young and Sober in Los AngelesAs the number of young people who are getting sober is growing exponentially, Los Angeles is becoming one of if not the largest hub for young people in recovery. There are many challenges young people face when getting sober from adjusting daily living habits to separating themselves from the daily influences that were abundant in their use. For this a community of like-minded individuals can be a crucial aspect to their recovery. While not too long ago many young people struggled to find others who were embarking on the journey of recovery to surround themselves with. Sobriety is now sweeping the streets of Los Angeles and for this reason many young persons who are looking to take the first steps towards living sober are now flocking to Los Angeles.Why is LA so Attractive for Addiction RecoverySo what makes Los Angeles so attractive to this demographic? Well Los Angeles is a big city and home to many individuals from all walks of life and different backg…